Salvage of Transhipper Sanjeevani

TRANSHIPPER"M.V.SANJEEVANl",a 21000 DWT transshipment vessel ran aground in a cyclonic storm in the Mormugao Port Limits.

The owners made several futile attempts to refloat the vessel where after the salvage contract for the refloating of the same was rewarded to us. The vessel was duly-refloated with absolutely no damage, within a period of 20 days by controlled removal of ballast ore and ballast water from the vessel and by carrying out dredging and air lifting operations around the vessel to free the vessel from its grounded condition.

The vessel was duly towed and delivered afloat to the owners in the Mormugao Port. This is the largest vessel ever to be salvaged by any Indian company in the country .The salvagi operations were carried out at a depth of 5 meters of water.

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